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10 Gold Intigers
10 chiffres d'or 10 cifre d'oro

Some figures about gold
1 - 20 : 20 meters cubed would contain all the gold produced in the world in the last 2000 years.

2 - 4 : 4 grams of gold is the average quantity of gold produced per ton of ore in South Africa today . Four grams of gold per ton is four times less gold per ton than was produced in South Africa in 1966.

3 - 4000 : 4000 meters is the depth to which it is necessary to go in South African mines to extract a ton of ore to refine 4 grams of gold…

4 - 2 : 2 weeks is the duration of the March 1968 closing of the London Gold Market due to the US deficit and the crisis of confidence in the dollar.

5 - 2400 : 2400% is the amplitude of the rise in the price of an ounce of gold in the decade following the 1968 crisis.

6 - 40 : 40 is the number of years (1933-1973) that gold trading and investment were prohibited in the USA after the crisis of 1929. This crisis pushed some unemployed Californians into gold exploration.

7 - 1 300 000 000 : 1.3 billion is the number of people in China who have been given the right to buy gold since 2003.

8 - 1 : 1% of income is the share which is traditionally given to physical gold savings in Asia.

9 - 2000 dollars per ounce has been the highest inflation corrected price for gold since 1980.

10 - 2600 : 2600 tons per year is the maximum annual world gold production which was reached in 2001 and unequalled since, in spite of the rise in price since 2001…

- A world population of 6.5 billion which continues to increase.
- A money supply which is increasing much more quickly than this population.
- Gold production which is dropping in spite of the rise in the price of an ounce of gold.

In summary : more people with more currency to buy less gold…

“Gold is, when one thinks of it, something like stored kinetic energy, it is energy stored as potential energy”
De launay

            Dr Thomas Chaize































































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