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10 Gift ideas "raw materials" for Christmas.

1. Antique jewelry: gold, silver or platinum.
Why an ancient jewel?
- The value of antique jewelry is often close to the value of the metal that composes them, which is not the case with new jewelery.
- Each piece is often unique, this adds a phenomenon of rarity.
You can find jewelry in gold, silver or platinum, the three are interesting.
Do not forget that there are many forms of jewelery (rings, bracelets, earrings ...) and many eras and regions of the world. For example, Art Nouveau or ethnic jewelry.
Tip: Enjoy yourself and get closer to the value of the metal price. Ask for the weight and use your calculator.
2. Diamond.
Gold offers more practical advantages for investment than diamond because the price of diamond varies according to its size, purity, defect, color ...
But diamond production is in a much more critical position than gold production. Diamonds will become increasingly rare, especially large diamonds of the highest quality.
Tip: Prefer a diamond of superior quality and if you can afford a big diamond. Those are the ones that will become increasingly rare.
3. Investment book.
Offer an investment book for Christmas! There are a lot of very good fundamental investment books The Intelligent Investor Benjamin Graham, One Up On Wall Street Peter Lynch, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life Warren Buffett,) or technical analysis Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques Steve Nison, The Visual Investor John Murphy, Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets Stan Weinstein ...), but very little on commodities.
Tip: The best-known and unavoidable is Jim Rogers, Hot Commodities.

4. Old gold or silver coin.
As with jewelery, it is preferable to buy an old piece because its price is close to the weight of the metal if there is no numismatic value.
Tip: buy a piece that matches your country, it is usually more available and better known than exotic pieces.
5. Antique object made of precious metal.
The possibilities are innumerable, those are generally silver objects for example: silverware, cane knob, lighter, timpani, thimble, cigarette case, bag, small box, statue ...
Note: Huge choice and for all prices.
6. Old book on gold, silver or numismatics.
There is a very important bibliography on precious metals since the mid-19th century. On topics as varied as geology, metallogeny, jewelry, punches, bimetallism, numismatics.
Note: Some themes are no longer relevant, for example for mining techniques, but are of historical interest. But other themes, such as those on the value of gold, are still sometimes surprisingly topical.
7. Letter of Investment.
An investment requires research work, always! You have the choice between doing it yourself (nothing wizard, just time) or buying newsletters (this should never dispense with doing your own research).
Tip: Investment letters in French on commodities are rare. We are currently in a period of low. Apart from mine, I do not know any other (if you know it, I'm interested). On the other hand, there are many letters of this type in the USA and Canada in English.
8. Training on investment techniques.
To train you, you have the choice between Internet (you will not have everything), buy books (super!) Or trainings (the fastest).
Tip: You have more or less three approaches:
1. Efficiency of markets, academic theory (intellectual exercise interesting, perfect to obtain a Nobel prize, but "completely disconnected").
2. The fundamental analysis (accounting approach) is the approach of Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, I say that, I say nothing ...
3. Technical analysis (psychological approach), a method often criticized, but nevertheless unavoidable, particularly indispensable for the short term.
9. Toy.
A dump, a backhoe or a bulldozer (Caterpillar, Liebherr, volvo) is not a politically correct gift, but it will please the children.
10. Mini ingot.
There are minis ingots in gold, silver or platinum of 1gramme, 10 grams, 1 ounce ...
They are sold in plastic blister packs and there are a multitude of weights and manufacturers.

Here are two concluding remarks:
- If you offer a solitaire, you can combine in one gift, antique jewelery, platinum, diamond, rarity and romantic gift! (Statistically there's a 85% chance that you're a man between the ages of 35 and 54, so I'm talking to you).
- November 14, 2004, 12 years ago! I wrote a small subject about gold coins. At that time, if you had offered your son or grandson a napoleon this you will have cost +/- 63 euros. Today, despite the drop in the price of gold since 2011, a Napoleon costs 219 €, or 347% increase in twelve years! Beyond the added value, the lesson included with this gift is even more valuable.

Ps: Rendez-vous in 12 years for the price of napoleon...

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