Admiral Bay (ADB)

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Admiral bay is a Canadian company which exploits reserves of gas in the USA, Canada. ADB possesses also a beautiful potential in the sector of the gold and the silver in Mexico.


I. Projects.

These figures are extract from a file PDF which ADB makes available on his(her) site ADB, this is it just an interpretation staff.

Project of gas in the USA:

Swordfish Project
Rent: Chautauqua Co. Kansas
Size: 38,000 acres
Targeted Reserves: 70.5 BCF
Interest: 90 %
Present Gas Price: > 6.00 $ (US)
Potential Net Value: 450 $ M ( US)

Devon Project
Rent: Bourbon Co. Kansas
Size: 20,000 acres
Targeted Reserves: 37.5 BCF
Interest: 90 %
Present Gas Price: > 6.00 $ (US)
Potential Net Value: 225 $ M ( US)

Santa Rita Project
Rent: Greenwood Co. Kansas
Size: 14,000 acres
Targeted Reserves: 25 BCF
Interest: 90 %
Present Gas Price: > 5.00 $ (US)
Potential Net Value: 125 $ M ( US)

Shiloh Project
Rent: Allen and Montgomery Cos.
Size: 4,000 acres
Targeted Reserves: 7.5 BCF
Interest: 90 %
Present Gas Price: > 6.00 $ (US)
Potential Net Value: 90 $ M ( US)

Revloc Project
Rent: Cambria Co. Pennsylvania
Size: 20,000 acres
Targeted Reserves: 55 BCF
Interest: 90 %
Present Gas Price: > 6.00 $ (US)
Potential Net Value: 330 $ M ( US)

It gives a total of 215.5 BCF, or a value of the order of 1220 million dollars US.
The objectives of 2004 are to produce 7.6 MCFG / DAYS, it is to say 35 000$ / days of the gas (35 000* 365 days = 12.7 millions$ annual).
Purpose is also to have 30 BCF of gas proved in 2004.

Project of gas in Canada:
Moose River Basin
Project can contain 200 BCF in a class(course) of 5$ / MCF it gives 1000 million dollars.

Project silver now in Mexico:

ADB possesses 70 % of interests of the site Monte Del Flavor in Mexico.
Study begins in 2004, feasibility study in 2005 and production in 2006. It is the calendar that gives ADB on this project.
There is 122.6 million ounces of money in resources estimated(esteemed) and 461 928 ounces of estimated gold.
ADB not possede whom 70 % of the property, it gives:
89.6 Million ounces of money in a rate of 7.15$ / oz it gives a value of 640 millions $.
322 000 ounces of gold in a rate of 400$ / oz it gives a value of 128 millions $.

II. Ratio.

Total of reserves ADB:
Gas, USA+CANADA = 415 BCF = 2220 millions $ of reserves of gas to hope.
Ag&Au Mexico = 640 millions Ag + 128 millions In = 768 millions $.
Total = 2988 million dollars of reserves to hope of gas, Ag and In.
Valuation in stock exchange is 34 millions $ us in 1.38$ ca.

silver ( Ag): 18.7
Now (In): 3.8
Gas: 62
General: 84.7
For summary the idea of the ratio, for a dollar of action you have 84.7$ of reserves to hope of silver, now and gas.
It is not necessary to lose of seen that it is in the going price of the silver, the gold and the gas and if we take place on this type of companies it is that one believe as me that the sector is very a bull and that so that value in $ should owe increased in the years to come....


III. Technical analysis.

Graph is too recent to give long-term objectives, but it not empeche not to make apparaitres various points very positive.

-Volumes increase in what is more prices stay above the MM150. It looks like the beginning of phase two of Weinstein. Every return on the MM150 is so an occasion of purchase.

-THE OBV is in constant increase since 1999 what indicates buyers who are in accumulation on this value.

-ADB is in a canal a bull very regulier for two years and every time when ADB gets the bottom of this canal it is also a signal of purchase.

-There are three zones of major support 1.25$, 0.75$ and 0.25$.


- It is also possible to see a sort of head shoulders inverted, or an exit of horizontal canal which gives a medium-term objective to 2.35$, but in the long run objective is much higher.


ADB seems to have beautiful one the long-term future, whether it is in fundamental analysis or technical analysis. From the point of view of the technical analysis it is not possible to fix objectives long term because the graph is too recent. For the wisest short term is of entered in three steps the case or the support of 1.25$ breaks. I don't understand why this company is not followed any more by the investors?
This is only a personal opinion then caution :-)

Thomas Chaize