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The performance of gold!

In general, when talking about the performance of gold in the newspapers or on television is to say it is not good, and often it's the same magic. Abracadabra following the white rabbit! These magicians have the same thing for that gold does not shine.
The magician chooses the highest year no luck buying the wrong year battery, in 1980 to $ 612 (average year).
Abracadabra, after comparing with the current price, $ 1,160 per ounce (average of 2015), a small hop calculation and 89% return in 35 years, not terrible! After you compare gold to whatever you want, the loser is always the same.
By cons, if you take the price of gold in 1968 at $ 38.8 per ounce (average of the year) and will compare with the current price, you get a return of 2889% in 47 years.
If you want a shorter time we can take the average of 2001 $ 271, it gives a yield of 328% in 14 years.

To be more concrete we will do a little calculation with a Pontiac and a big mac.
In 1968, you could buy a Pontiac Grand Prix for 3697 dollars, or 95.2 ounces or 2.96 kilograms of gold. Today, a Pontiac Grand Prix cost 30,000 dollars, 25.8 ounces of gold and 0.8 kilogram of gold.
In 1968, you could buy the new Bic Mac for $ 0.45, you could buy 3 big mac with one gram of gold. Today, a Big Mac costs $ 4.8, buy big mac with 7.7 gram of gold.
What we demand for gold is to preserve the purchasing power! In 1968, you bought three Big Macs with one gram of gold, today you can buy 7.7. Gold has outperformed preserve your purchasing power over the period 1968-2015. How Big Mac you can buy with 1 gram of gold in 15 years? No idea! But most likely more than 7.7 Big Mac.
You want a very brief theoretical explanation? We earn more money to prepare burgers as for gold, and this is even more true in 15 years.

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