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Ounce gold analyzes analyse de l'once d'or Análisis de la onza de oro Analisi dell'oncia d'oro Analyse der Unze Gold Análise da onça de ouro

The course of the ounce has advanced for three years at regular intervals with a rise which accelerates and a factor time which decreases. The course batit on triangles and advances by vagueness at each exit of triangle. The question is to know if there will be a n°4 wave which gives a minimum objective of 425$, the exit of the triangle n°3 would let believe that yes. But even if a triangle n°4 is not built that does not change of anything the objective which gives the exit of the triangle n°3 of 425$. Only a passage under the 375$ in a frank way would indicate an invalidation of the triangle and would give a minimum objective of 325$. What would have annoying consequences on the growth rate of the longer-term ounce. On the other hand, it seems to me extremely possible that the ounce comes to touch its floor with 375$ before setting out again towards 425$.

For summary, with the top of 375$ it is 2001 Odyssé of space, in lower part they are the 20.000 places under the sea.

analyse graphique du prix de l'once d'or en dollars usa

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