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Three silver’s coins French :
5 francs Hercule, 50 francs hercule, 5 francs Semeuse.

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Here is a study on three available French silver coins in great quantities which are interesting to buy at the price of silver which contain, they were make in the 19ème and 20ème century. It is possible to find in all the countries some golden coins at the price of the silver which contain. In fact, if they have no value numismatics. Here is example of three French coins : the 5-franc coin Hercule, the 50-franc coin Hercule and the 5-franc coin Semeuse.

Example : 7 dollars ounce
1 ounce is equal is 31.103 grams, Euro exchange dollars of 1.22
One ounce, 7 dollars, divided by 31.103, it makes 0.22 dollar the gram, and 0.18 euros the gram. For example, a 5-franc Semeuse coin contains 10.02 grams silver, what gives a value of 1.85 euro silver for a 5-franc coin silver Semeuse.

I. 5 Francs Hercule.
Diameter : 37 millimeters
Weight: 25 grams
Content: 900/1000
Quantity of silver: 22.5 grams
Engraver: Augustine Dupré
Quantity strikes(knocks): 51.9 + 72.7 = 124.6 millions
Period: 1848 has 1849 and 1871-1940
Number of models: 8+18

II. 50 francs Hercule.
Diameter: 41 millimeters
Weight: 30 grams
Content : 900/1000
Quantity of silver : 27 grams
Engraver: Augustine Dupré
Quantity strikes(knocks) : 46.4 millions
Period: 1974 has 1980
Number of models: 7

III. 5 francs Semeuse.
Diameter: 29 millimeters
Weight: 12 grams
Content: 835/1000
Quantity of silver : 10.02 grams
Engraver: Louis Oscar Roty
Quantity strikes(knocks): 195.2 millions
Period: 1960 has 1969
Number of models: 10

According to the price of ounce silver the value of these coin changes, here is a table which summarizes the price of these currencies in euro according to the price of ounce silver in dollars (euro / dollar : 1.22) :

Table of the weight of coins and the value in euro according to the price in dollars

Buying silver coins at the price of the metal which contain is a very practical way of investment in the physical silver. Today there is no premium for this type of coin, but it is very likely that with the increase of the price of the silver a premium appears on these silver coins nevertheless to make in big quantities. The report earnings / risk seems to me excellent.
Small notices: Some of these coins were probably destroyed to use silver which contain, many professionals used them for practical and fiscal reasons.

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