Silver graph n°1

We can note that the rate of the gold ounce is wisely to return to its canal of 1975-1977 between 4 and 6$ after 30 years of events, wisely can be naturally .........

First resistance, where battle takes place at present, is in the zone of 5$, then it is the height of the canal with 6$ and for the continuation more anything, the interstellar space.

The MOMENTUM reduces more and more his amplitude and the STO went out of their canal bear in 2002. On this subject, let us notice that silver has its first signals of change of tendency at the end of 2001, is one year after the gold, but it should catch up very soon the delay.

The ROC broke its trend bear exactly in January, 2002.

The congestion of the bands of Bollingers indicates a future important movement in prices, during the previous congestions of the prices for the silver ounce, same the smallest increase was +50 %, what gives as minimum objective 9$ (+ /-), in objective of exit of the bands(strips) of Bollinger. One is in the minimum objective, especially which the likely change of tendency long term of the rate of the ounce would incite to believe that one would get closer more increase of 1980 than that of the 1998.

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