Silver graph n°4

The first thing to be indicated is that the silver rate knew a reversal of tendency six to eight months later than gold (on 1 year + /-).

The RSI, at this moment, bounced on the bottom of its canal bear and has just taken out very recently of this canal very old bear. The rate of the ounce, on the other hand, has not yet broken the straight hurdy-gurdy baissière (in red on the graph), it moreover played the role of resistance during the last increase of the ounce. The break of this right-hand side would be one indicates major for the change of tendency long term.

The second point, which would indicate a reversal of trend, would be the overtaking of the previous summit which is in the zone of 7.5$, the point in the middle on the right-hand side in red.

silver price long terme, 1973 2003

Dr Thomas Chaize
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