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Silver analysis 1973 and 2003

The rate of the silver is for the same level as in 1974, it does not amaze you? This in spite of a constant erosion of the dollar for 30 years. It is what put me the flea in the ear, the trick which is faulty as a dissonance in a partition. The silver in 179 euros kg, that does not amaze you, 1010 francs or a 152$?

This is valid for all of raw materials, the copper, the zinc, the lead(shot), the gold et cetera. It makes 20 years when the rate of raw materials are kept under control, why of how is not my comment, I notice just that certain number of abnormalities on the rate of raw materials is going soon to touch its end.

Doubt persists only on the "tempo", when do rate go to be except control? In a 1 day? 1 month or 1 year? I shall be more excessive even though I made a mistake about 10 years, it is all the same interesting so to take place in advance increase is going to be important. It seems to me that battle is won beforehand, only the moment is still vague. I do not want to enter fundamental explanations to explain "why" that is going to rise: chronic deficit of the production, stock inanimate, ratio gold / silver abnormal, reasons are numerous and deserve a report of hundred pages and not of some lines. Here it is just question of technical analysis.

Here are graphs:

Graph n°1

Graph n°2

Graph n°3

Graph n°4

To be even more explicit, the silver does not still have to begin its ascent but all the signs of an increase very important are there.

In certain books of technical analysis, one often says to you that an increase begins with the precursors who accumulate, then arrive the followers who make the big person of the increase and it ends with the distribution in the biggest numbers and it is then the moment to sell. We are still in the phase of accumulation, it is an occasion very rare to take place very early on a market major bull, the kind of occasion which arrives only once every 20 years......

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