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Taseko A Canadian mine of Brass instruments ( Cu) and gold is (In).

She possesses two sites:

Gibraltar (in Canada in British Colombia): The mine was built in 1970 and there is a minimum of 15 years of production, with 15 years of possible supplementary production. There is 4.7 billion brass ( Cu) pounds, what makes 2 millions tons of brass instruments ( Cu ). There is an important possibility of an increase of resources according to Tesako's Web site.

Prosperity and Harmony (in Canada in British Colombia, in 250km of the previous mine): reserves are 2.3 billion brass ( Cu) pounds and 3 million ounces of gold (In)

It gives a ratio for the Copper ( Cu) with a rate of the action to 2.1$ of 68.7 (ratio Capitalization / reserved) and 24.7 for the gold (In) and a total ratio of 93.4 (it is for give an order of height, because numerous sources of errors are possible: number of actions, value of reserves).

See maintaining the part which treats the technical analysis :


I. An ancient resistance.

It make more than 10 years which this right-hand side serves of support and resistance to Taseko ( TKO), she has just been broken with of very volume what is very good sign for the continuation.

This right-hand side of tendency is also present on STO slow and the OBV, in both cases there was break.



II. Phase two of Weinstein.

As a lot of mining value Taseko is in the beginning of phase two.

Rates are widely crossed(spent) above the mobile average in 150 days in very big volumes, volumes are moreover much more mattering than those of the previous phase two of 1991 which had carried(worn) rate until 22$.......


III. Resemblances.

The graph contains numerous resemblances with the previous phase two of 1991:

First of all, the bands of bollinger it stayed during a long very narrow period (what correspond to the phase 1), and rates have to stagnate. Then there was a sudden opening of bollingers and a sharp rise in prices with the beginning of the phase two.

The increase of volumes is present in both cases, even though today increase is much more important.

The momentum has the same "profile" during this phase of preparation which precedes phase two.

In both cases, there is a sharp increase in the OBV, but today increase is much more important.

graph analysis mining taseko, code tko, copeer gold mine


This is a technical analysis long term, short-term a return in the sector of the MM150 shall be everything in make normal, TKO is a golden and brass mine (In) interesting. Attention the information of order AF arises from the Web site of the company Tesako and my interpretation of this information can be erroneous, because I very badly practise English.

As far as the part of the technical analysis, it is an approach staff and I can make a mistake, I not sui not soothsayer:-)

Thomas Chaize

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