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Whatever the size of oil reserves (1 derrick or oil field), whatever the mode of transport (truck, tanker, barge, tanker, tank car, or pipeline jerry ...), whatever the place (Sea North Africa, south America, Canada, Australia, Central Asia or even the North Pole), with peak oil, oil reserves are of value. That is why, increasingly, independent producers of oil are endangered. Gradually, after OPA, they are less numerous. All companies with reserves of conventional oil may be the target of a takeover bid in the days, weeks, months, years.
For 15 years, these companies have been the target of takeover bids, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations : Texaco (1901-1998), Coparex International (2002),Unocal Coporation (1890-2004), Origin Energy (2008), Amoco Corporation (1889-2001), Arco Alaska (2001), Valkyries Petroleum (2006), Esprit Energy (2006), Focus Energy (2007), Shiningbank Energy (2007), Cadence Energy (2008), Ecopetrol (2009), Dana Petroleum (2009), Harvest Energy (2009), Revus Energy (2008), Shiningbank Energy (2007), Prime West Energy (2008), Verenex Energy (2009), Addax Petroleum (2009), Bridas Energy (2010), Kosmos Energy (2010)Australian Arrow (2010), KazMunaiGaz (2009), Daylight Energy (2011), Nal Energy (2012), Compton Petroleum (2012), Progress Energy (2012), Nexen Inc. (2012), and this is only a tiny part of the purchases in the oil sector.
Every day there are more buyers and fewer oil companies with reserves (proven and probable) available. If you are a director or shareholder of a company in the oil reservoir full, patience, sooner or later, if your company has oil reserves, "value" will win.

This year the oil companies will invest in upstream research, production, development, more than 1000 billion for hydrocarbon production. Do you think they are suddenly become insane, they invest hundreds of billions of dollars for no reason? Do you think Kuwait Petroleum (Kuwait is in the top five global producers of black gold) has decided to invest $ 4 billion in the oil sands of Athabasca Oil Sands in Canada because they had too much oil home? It is not, yet, Chinese investors looking for oil to fuel China's growth, but an oil producer "historic" (Burgan oil field was discovered in 1938) investing in unconventional oil Alberta. Do you think officials Kuwaitis have suddenly lost their minds? Do you think they would replace light crude (Light) Kuwait by the extra-heavy Canada less than 10 ° API (bitumen) if they still had a choice?

They Gone are the days of flowing wells, groundwater oil giant Brent, WTI to more than 30 ° API and endless columns of oil. Today, in the new oil regions, we at the time of hydraulic fracturing, bitumen, heavy oil, high sulfur content, oil layers anemic, ultra deep offshore or injection water, steam, polymer to stimulate extraction anemic. Citigroup, even Saudi Arabia, yet the first world producer of crude oil, could become a net importer by 2030 if energy consumption continues to increase at the same rate (the price of oil subsidies is the worst mistakes against peak oil). Can someone tell me who export oil to Saudi Arabia?
Each day the "seven sisters" (in fact we should say the "three sisters" because after mergers and acquisitions, four of the major oil companies have disappeared, there are no more than three.) Separate stations gasoline refineries, their petrochemical, oil terminals, but not their precious oil fields (except for the depleted fields and problems of a British company). No refineries have been built in the USA since 1976. If you empty a bottle almost empty, you do not enlarge the size of the neck to increase throughput, reduce you ...
It is time ended Ghawar along hundreds of miles (Saudi Arabia 1948), Kirkuk (Iraq 1927), the Burgan (Kuwait 1938), the Safaniyah (Saudi Arabia 1951), Samotlor (Russia 1967), Cantarell (Mexico 1976). For new fields, change unit; ended tens of billions of barrels of oil. We no longer speak rarely billion barrels, now they are hundreds or even tens of millions of barrels when all goes well.
These oil companies perform daily miracles of techniques, but they are not magic, they do not multiply to infinity jerry cans of gasoline. Using geophysics to discover what is geologically, but it does not create oil.

What amazes me is that despite everything, today, the largest capitalization in the world is not the largest oil producer in the world ($ 413 billion), but a manufacturer of MP3 players and mobile phones (619 billion dollars) ...

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