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CRB / SP500 / Gold and oil


It seems to me that the time of the sales on the raw materialis ended since the year 2000, all the raw materials seems to go out of their bear tendency 20-year-old old woman. It corresponds to a sector-based rotation where after the increase of the actions, it is the raw materials which relieve. It is the thorough movement which is going to last several years and it seems to me that it is necessary to change sector of investment, traditional actions in raw materials under every forms.

It is even necessary time to take position, this analysis is a technical analysis very long term ( 20 years) old and the bullish tendency on the raw and bear materials on the traditional indications is there only for its debuts (for the traditional indications, I am 100 % in agreement with analyses in great cycles of the waves of Elliot).

This is only a personal opinion which thus is to consomer in moderation.

Dr Thomas Chaize

C'est une analyse graphique de différends indices, comme le sp500 et le crb avec l'or et le pétrole.





































































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