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Oil Prices & geothermal


In September 2003 the price of oil was below $ 30 and talk about rising oil prices was the best way to go in for an illuminated business. Likely frustrating when I wrote "It seems to me that the time balances on raw materials was completed in 2000" and "This is a movement of substance that will last several years and it seems to me that we must change the investment sector, shares traditional materials in all forms, "(first green arrow).

Beginning in 2007, after reaching $ 75, oil prices dropped to $ 50, those who shouted "impossible that the oil rises in 2003, rather than admit their mistakes shout " It was a bubble, we can never again 75 $ "is at the time I wrote a topic to say" For 2007 we do not change course and we look ahead, nothing has fundamentally changed for the metals and energy. "(Second green arrow) and a month later I advise the purchase of geothermal energy companies (first blue arrow).

We are in 2009 after reaching $ 145 barrel of oil collapsed to $ 30, those who did not believe the rise in oil prices in 2003 and 2007 and still not believe, and while Europe and the USA perfusent their banks with billions of dollars China siphoning the small amount of oil still available with its dollars.
I am even more confident today than in 2003 and 2007 for the price of oil and energy sector. The long-term trend has not changed for the price of oil and we are in a low key, buy for the long term

In my previous topic on geothermics I touched on the correlation between oil prices and high geothermal energy, but it lacked something crucial: a chart, I now correct this error. In the absence of official index geothermics I built mine from 5 geothermal companies, the index is not perfect, but it still showed what interests us here: the correlation of geothermal companies and the price of a barrel of oil. After two years of waiting a new opportunity available to us to buy geothermal energy companies at the same time that oil hits the bottom of the barrel.

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