Starfield Resources (SRU)

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Starfied resource A Canadian company is which has nickel reserves, Copper, Cobalt, Palladium and Platinum.Total of reserves infered resources est de 54.8 millions Of tons of ore.

What gives the following reserves:

Copper (Cu) :542 520 tonnes à 2 402$(tonnes) = 1 303 539 930 $

Nickel (Ni) : 323 320 tonnes à 17 760$(tonnes) = 5 742 163 200 $

Cobalt (Co) : 36168 tonnes à 30.50 $(livres) = 81 094 170$

Palladium (Pd) : 2 648 183 oz à 204.75 $/oz = 494 222 776$

Platinum (Pt) : 419 522 oz à 850.9 $/oz = 359 805 704$

The total value of the reserves infered of Ferguson lake = 7 980 millions us

The total value of the market capitalization of starfield (90.6 million actions in $0.32ca) = 22.6 millions US

7 980millions reserves / 22.6 millions capitalization = 352.7 of the ratio (for $1 of capitalization = $352.7 of reserves).


Technical analysis:


1st graph:

1. RSU integrated the bottom of the bear canal and owes reach the height of that this, if it takes place as during three previous roam. The exit by the height of the canal ($0.75 +/-) would give a very important objective of increase ($1.75-2.5 +/-).

The passage above the average MM150 is a bullish signal which was éfficace during the previous wave of increase.

The level of current rate is interesting bus on several suport: $0.32 for the oblique, $0.3 is an old support and $0.26 it is the level of it mm150 which is the bullish signal. The break of these three supports would be the output signal on starfield.

Since March, 2000, the rate corrects in a triangle with waves 1, 2, 3,4 and 5 the exit by the height which coincide with the height of the bear canal $(0.75) would indicate a sharp rise to come.

We can notice on the OBV that the vague précedentes of increase quite had the same "rhythm" and as point of departure of the increase the break of the resistance of the OBV.

The Volume increased to each of the waves of increase and STO have they, every


2eme graph:

The previous waves of increase were underlined here to find the rhythm. They are moreover more and more long and if they continue to decrease with the same rhythm, the increase risks to have a $0.75 maximum (height of the triangle).

That is why if the rate of SRU makes a success of its exit of the bear canal, the objective will be very high $(1.75-2.5), The break of the bear canal of the OBV lets me hope for a beautiful future in this increase.

It is possible to see that the volumes, the OBV and STO followed the previous waves in the prices of the action.

To summarize, if I had to give a precise advice onto starfield, I would say that it is necessary to buy in the zone of $0.32 and to put one stop of protection in the zone of $0.32, $0.3 and $0.26 according to the level of acceptable loss, with as objective $0.75 at first and $1.75-2.5 if there is break of $0.75. So the losses would be from 10 to 25 % and the 100 % earnings ( 1st objective) in 800 % ( 2nd objective).

This is only a personal opinion and I can make a mistake very probably then be very careful with this consequentive type very speculative.

Thomas Chaize

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