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Explanations : it is the ratio of the resources of silver and market capitalization of 48 silver mines in the world. The list includes 48 silver mines with defined resources. Ratio silver is the quotient of the resources of silver of an mine to divide by its stock-exchange value. The value of the resources of silver (million ounces to multiply by the price for the ounce of silver) is to divide by market capitalization (value of the action to multiply by the number of action) = ratio silver. I give here the average of ratios silver of 48 main silver mines. Ratio silver most imported obtained for two years is 12 (+ /-) and ratio the weakest silver is of 6 (+ /-). Pure to summarize when ratio silver is in the zone of 12 it is necessary to buy and when he is in the zone of 6 it is necessary to sell. If ratio is weak silver mines are too much valued in stock exchange with regard to the class(course) of the ounce of silver when ratio is important it is that mines are to value with regard to the price for the ounce the silver. Updated on every Friday.Click here for more information the ratio.

Dr Thomas Chaize


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